Korex Racks

The answer to all your core storage needs

With Korex racks, your exploration teams no longer need to waste valuable time and energy constructing make-shift units from raw materials.

Solid Construction - Recessed nail goes completely through the tube at three separate points resulting in an equal distribution of weight and solid construction.

Durable - Heavy guage galva-lume tubing and pressure-treated lumber (we are unique in this industry with this feature)

Easy and Quick to Install - No special tools or materials are required.

Easy Transportation, in Units or dismantled - Our core racks are designed to be moved whereever your exploration teams can go.

Space-Saver - Core racks may be transported by plane, train, truck or small trailer. Complete racks weigh 450 lbs. (sides are 88 lbs.)

Modular Construction, Easily Expandable - Rack units are designed to be stacked 2-up and expanded horizontally in any direction

Optional Equipment Available - Trusses may be added to create enclosed structures, very useful in extreme climates.

Unit Dimensions:
- 48" deep x 43.5" high x 10' long
- Each unit stores 630 meters of NQ core
- 140 boxes, with or without the lid