About Korebaux™

IMEXKO is a specialist manufacturer of core box racks and tray systems. We are the makers of KOREX™ and now the ground-breaking new KOREBAUX™ technology.

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Why Choose KOREBAUX™?

Moisture Resistant

Termite Resistant

Lightweight Aluminum-1.05 kg

Weight is 1/3 of conventional core boxes

Volume is 1/5 of conventional core boxes



About IMEXKO Core Racks

With IMEXKO's Korex Racks & Trays, the mining industry and exploration teams now have a simple and modular solution to storing core samples.

Why Choose IMEXKO?

Solid construction:
Recessed nail goes completely through the tube at three separate points resulting in an equal distribution of weight and solid construction.

Unique to the industry, heavy guage galva-lume tubing and pressure-treated lumber is used in the construction.

Quick n' easy installation:
No special tools or materials are required.

Easy transportation, in units or dismantled:
Our core racks are designed to be moved where-ever your exploration teams can go.

Core racks may be transported by plane, train, truck or small trailer. Complete racks weigh 450 lbs. (sides are 88 lbs.)

Modular construction is easily expandable:
Rack units are designed to be stacked 2-up and expanded horizontally in any direction. Trusses may be added to create enclosed structures, very useful in extreme climates.


Located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, IMEXKO Greenstone Enterprises provides innovative products as a solution to Core Sample storage, servicing the mining and exploration industry in North America and beyond.

Learn more about KOREX Core Racks & Trays

IMEXKO also provides services in the rehabiliation of mining sites.


IMEXKO Award Nomination

RBC Innovation Awards - Recognizing and Praising Innovation

IMEXKO Greenstone Enterprises is pleased to announce it's nomination for the RBC Innovation Award’s Innovative Company of the Year and Project of the Year!


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